Pick Up and Drop Off Change 2/1/21

Sam Boardman will be changing the drop-off and pick-up route for 2nd and 3rd grade, beginning this Monday, February 1.   We appreciate your flexibility and patience!!  

Please view the attached map for guidance.  

The bus loop will be used for busses, ONLY.  

ALL cars will use the main entrance to the parking lot in front of the school.  

K/1 will use the lane along the sidewalk.  PLEASE pull all the way forward, we will bring your child to you!!  Watch for merging traffic as you pull away, exit the parking lot as usual.  Remember, no left turn onto Wilson Lane.  

2/3 will use the new gravel loop by passing the K/1 pick up area and veering right into the staff parking lot. The gravel loop entrance is marked with a big yellow rock. Remember, no left turn onto Wilson Lane. 

Staff, signs, and cones will be directing traffic.  PLEASE be aware of other vehicles and most importantly, our children.  This will be a learning process for us all and SAFETY is our number 1 concern!!