students with masks and social distancing

SBE LIPI Arrival and Departure Procedures

  • All students, staff and parents will be expected to wear masks when arriving and departing.
  • Social distancing will be practiced by all students, staff and parents when arriving and departing.
  • For Health and Safety of our students and staff, please limit the amount of personal items, backpacks will not be needed.

Students arriving by vehicle:

  • Car students will be released nearest their teacher (look for teacher & sign)
  •  There will be cones indicating busing lanes at front of parking lot
  • A staff member will be at the curb to indicate readiness for unloading/loading
  • Students will walk with their teacher directly to their designated classroom entrance
  • For departure, students will return to same designated area as drop off (look for teacher & sign)
  • Student departure will be 2:00 pm

Students arriving on foot:

  • Students will use crosswalks and sidewalks to locate their teacher (look for teacher & sign)
  • Order of departure will be directed by the staff to maintain social distancing

Students arriving on a bus:

  • Buses will pull up to the building, near front entrance of SBE (NOT bus loop)
  •  Each bus cohort will unload/load separately
  • Students will walk directly to their teacher (look for teacher & sign)
    • Departing bus students will walk to bus from their teacher designated area upon arrival of bus