Crystal Apple Awards

🍎 Congratulations to our Crystal Apple Award winners from Morrow County School District! We are thrilled to recognize their excellence in education and their dedication to the success of our students.

Let's celebrate the remarkable achievements of our MCSD Crystal Apple winners:

🌟 Dave Fowler
As the Technology Education Teacher at Heppner Jr/Sr High School, Mr. Fowler has shown a strong passion for educating students and providing them with life skills. With 33 years of service in the district, Mr. Fowler's commitment and energy in the classroom are truly commendable.

🌟 Yadira Gomez:
As a CARE Coordinator at Sam Boardman Elementary School, Ms. Gomez goes above and beyond to support families and connect them with essential resources. Her dedication to ensuring students' well-being and academic success is truly remarkable. We are grateful for Ms. Gomez's exceptional service to our community.

🌟 Maggie Scanlan:
With her amazing ability to connect with students, Ms. Scanlan has made a significant impact as a 6th Grade Teacher at Windy River Elementary School. In just one year with MCSD, she has created a safe and inclusive environment for her students, leading the school's Student Council program and coordinating a building-wide recycling initiative.

🌟 Debbie White:
As an Educational Assistant in Title 1 at Irrigon Elementary School, Ms. White's friendly attitude and consistent competence have made her an exceptional asset to the students and staff. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to the children of Irrigon Elementary are truly admirable.

Each year, InterMountain Education Service District (IMESD) organizes the annual Crystal Apple “Excellence in Education” Awards for our component school districts. The purpose of these awards is to recognize outstanding individuals in the education field who are dedicated to the success of our students. Exceptional administrators, teachers, classroom assistants, and school staff in our communities deserve recognition and praise for their hard work in schools each and every day. The Crystal Apple Awards honor and celebrate these individuals. Thank you to all the winners for providing exemplary learning environments!

We applaud these Crystal Apple Award winners for their outstanding contributions to education. Their passion, dedication, and positive impact on students' lives are truly inspiring. Congratulations once again to all of our MCSD Crystal Apple winners! 

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