District Spotlight: SBE Title 1 Services

Title 1 Services

Title I services at Sam Boardman Elementary are an excellent opportunity for students to get extra lessons in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Michelle Raible and the team of educational assistants: Pai Doherty, Jennifer Flores, Daisey Navarro, Ellen Rollis, Lois Tallman, and Zahira Ramirez do incredible work teaching phonics, site words, and reading fluency through songs, games, and many more engaging activities. Mrs. Raible understands the active nature of learning and rather than sit her students down with a worksheet, she asks them to sound out words with slinkies, change the beginning or ending sound to make rhymes, or read real books to excite their imagination. Her students enjoy their time in her class and make wonderful progress in their literacy and math skills. We are grateful to have her here at SBE.

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