District Plans Emergency Drill on April 13

photo of 911 numbers on cell phone

On Friday, April 13, the Morrow County School District will conduct an Emergency Drill from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Boardman schools. All three schools -- Sam Boardman Elementary, Windy River Elementary and Riverside Jr/Sr. High School -- will be used during the drill. The Emergency Drill is being conducted in partnership with local law enforcement and emergency responders, including Boardman Police Department, Boardman Fire, Boardman Ambulance, Morrow County Sheriff’s Office and Oregon State Police. Local residents are advised that during the drill, it will seem like a real emergency is happening at the schools and law enforcement and emergency personnel will be traveling to and from the schools and be on site performing the work they would do in a true emergency.

The purpose of the drill is to practice what would be done if an emergency situation occurs at a school building, such as a natural disaster, a fire or gas leak or violent incident. The drill will include school staff, volunteer students, volunteers to portray parents and emergency personnel acting as if this is a real emergency.

After the incident at the schools, staff and students will be bussed to a separate location, where the Reunification portion of the drill will take place. Reunification means when students are evacuated from their school building and bused to another location; parents are then asked to travel to the Reunification Location to be “reunified” with their children.

According to Superintendent Dirk Dirksen, performing this type of drill is essential to prepare staff and students in following established procedures for various incidents that can occur. “We can have all the safety protocols we need in place in our schools, but if we don’t practice them, they will simply not be as effective as they could be,” Dirksen said.

Friday, April 13 is a No School/In-Service day in the Morrow County School District, offering an ideal time to conduct the drill.

For any questions about the Emergency Drill, please contact the Morrow County School District office in Heppner at 541-676-9128.

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