Boardman Schools Collaborated for Community Event

photo: people at booth

On September 12, schools in the Boardman community hosted the 7th Annual Boardman Community Resource Extravaganza at Sam Boardman Elementary. The event is an opportunity for various organizations and businesses to share with families the support and help available within the Boardman community.

An estimated 300 to 400 people attended the event, including many families from all three schools: Sam Boardman Elementary, Windy River Elementary and Riverside Junior/Senior High School. In previous years, the Extravaganza was held only at Windy River Elementary, but the district wanted to expand to include more families.

The community was well represented with over 20 local organizations including banks, the police department, the Port of Morrow Workforce Center and the new Boardman Recreation Center. Many local service organizations, ranging from the Department of Human Services to Morrow County School District’s Care Team to OSU Extension and 4-H, also attended and provided information, prizes and games for families.

Brandon Hammond, principal of Windy River Elementary, said, “This is an excellent event for our community and allows our families to see all the various entities available to support them and their child.” Hammond said the school district appreciates the organizations that made time to attend the event and provide information. He also said staff at Boardman schools are excited to collaborate with the community and look forward to the event next year and for many years to come.

List of 2017 Participating Organizations can be found here. (PDF)

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